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Duck with bursitis - anyone had this before?
One of my ducks (about nine months old) has been limping quite badly for a few weeks. First visit, the vet thought it could be an infection so I penned her and gave her Baytril injections for a week. It didn't make a lot of difference, and she's still limping weeks later. So, second visit to the vet today - he now suggests it could be bursitis (the equivalent of tennis elbow in humans). It seems the only treatment is to put up with it (perhaps with Metacam to take the edge off the pain) or a steroid injection into the joint, which would be painful for her anyway. I'm going to try keeping her restricted for a couple of weeks to stop her running about, although I know she'll complain bitterly about being separated from the others. Has anybody ever had this condition? Any good treatment recommendations? Any advice at all? All help gratefully received <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
I wish I could help. Never heard of the condition myself but I do know that imquackers had a similar problem with one of her ducks. Hopefully she will be along soon to offer you some help.

Hope she improves very soon.
sorry not been on forum of late having a major battle with bloomin mites and not the red ones either <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':angry:' /> , as to bursitis in ducks .. my shelly has a damaged hock but has similar symptoms ,anti biotics and injections the lot still no improvement unfortunatly i was told the only thing to do was to let her get one with her daily life as a duck or think about sending her to the pond in the sky as was told it just gets worse and worse untill the duck becomes totally immobile ,

sorry no help there ,, good luck though and hope ur duck recovers

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