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Duck egg Prices
On Duck egg prices I found [url=""]this[/url] [Image: smile.gif] Whilst not a full list of brands it does give an idea of cost across three or four stores.

Come On! tell us your prices. [Image: smile.gif]
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Well I always like to beat the supermarkets, so mine will be going up 30 pence to £1.70 a half dozen and £3.60 a dozen, feeds to expensive even for me to let them go for any less.

Thanks again for the thread Zeneth.

£1.80 per half dozen, here - and I am told that I am cheap and most people locally sell at £2 per box. Mine are quite small, though - ducks not been in lay long.
Well my prices have stayed the same for the last two years: £1 for hen or bantam eggs, £1.50 for duck eggs, £1 for a 'Selection Box' of 2 bantam, 2 hen and 2 duck (these are really popular!). When my little CL's start laying blue eggs I'm going to do a 'Neapolitan' box of white, blue and brown, and charge £1.50 for them. Doesn't go anywhere near the cost of feed/bedding/mealworms etc, but I just keep them for fun and the 'egg money' is a bonus.

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