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dispatching and eat question
Hello all ,

just a quick question , how soon after treating with harkamectin can u dispatch and eat ???

Thank you all

I really don't know the right answer to this as it isn't made to be used on chickens

Personally I would give it at least 8 weeks as it's effects don't wear off for 3 months
Egg withdrawal info can be found [url=""]here[/url] [Image: smile.gif] if you read the bottom paragraph it say's add another 10 days to egg withdrawal period for meat birds.

So I would leave culling until you are sure it's safe to eat.

I hope that helps [Image: smile.gif]
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Thanks all for the replies , unfortunatly i cant wait that long ,

i put a hen in with the cockerel and he tried to kill her, would not stop hitting her even though she buried her head in the corner and submissed to him he going . just didnt want to waste him thats all .

never mind

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