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Plastic henhouses
Santa says I can have a new henhouse, yay! :thanks:


So, having burned our largest wooden house recently (never seen red mite like it) and battled red mite once again in the bantam house, I've decided that plastic is the way to go.  I'm thinking about the Green Frog design loft or the Smart house from Solway recycling. It needs to hold at least 8 large fowl, preferably 10-12 and not break the bank.  I wondered if anyone had any experience of either.  I know the Green frog gets good reviews and looks well designed. The Solway house much cheaper, but would love to see either in the flesh or hear personal experiences.  Other suggestions welcome too.  Making or altering one is not going to happen and I've had it with wood!

Sorry have not had any experience with plastic houses.    I do seem to remember someone saying they had found redmite in one tho!     Cant be as bad as wood tho.      Have never heard of Green Frog tho or Smart House.   will have a looksee!!

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Yes, you can get red mite in them, but they are designed to take apart. I'm having lots of success washing the house down with Poultry Shield, but a plastic house I could just unclip the roof and sides and hose down.  I must have wasted hours, days and weeks this summer cleaning and spraying......

The house we burned was almost shed size and it felt such a waste to burn such good quality wood (it was really well made), but had come to us second hand, I suspect already infested.  It was made with a floorboarding type wood and every single joint was encrusted with the little mites.  That was despite regulary treating/spraying and using just about every thing on the market.  There was no way we'd ever have got rid of it.

I'm sure someone on Poultrychat bought one of these but I can't remember who sorry  :blushing: it may have been Squizzers but I'm not sure.

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Thanks Zen, yes that's what I'm after.

I've seen the materials they're made from, but it's more the design.  You know what it's like, you buy a house, get it home and find out it's a pain to clean out, or you'd design something differently. If we're spending this amount of money it's got to be right.


It also means I've got a couple of other houses to get rid of, would be shame to put another on the bonfire!

I have had red mite in plastic (brooder not house), they don't seem to mind what a crevice is made of! A possible downside of plastic if you do get mite in it is that the surface won't absorb any pesticides. Taking it apart and hosing may be an advantage - but only if you don't just hose them onto the grass for them to re-infest passing birds.

Someone should invent a coop made of heat-resistant materials with built in heating elements, then you could just heat it all up to about 60C and kill them every so often!

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I dont plan to use pesticide at all Sutty. Ive used various pesticides over the years and they've become resistant, even to stuff like Ficam, hence burning the larger 12 bird house we had. Poultry shield or a simple detergent washes them off the plastic surfaces. These houses can be taken apart so there's no where for them to hide, you just hide each sheet. Other plastic houses are double walled, but I plan to go for a solid sheet type plastic (recycled) so red mite can't get in. I've spoken to a commercial organic keeper (so thousands of birds) who uses the material with no problems. I was wondering about the practicalities of various models of house. Eg easy to clean Etc.
I'm pretty convinced this is the way forward for me Smile. Use of the poultry shield should kill mites that are washed off. This has worked well in a small wooden house - to get mite under control, it's just incredibly time consuming waiting for the wood to dry.
Squizz has a green frog house
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Quote:Squizz has a green frog house

I was right then  :thumbup1: I just wasn't sure  :blushing:
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Brill thanks -I love the look of those houses Smile

Yup I've got z green rrog - middle size. Easy to take apart and clean, solid so doesn't move about. Would recommend to anyone. Love mine!
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Cheepers who used to be on here had a second hand plastic Wendy House she had adapted. It seemed to work a treat and looked very cheery in her garden.
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Oh dear, I've just given away a plastic Wendy House! :bang


Actually the hens had access to it, but didn't like it.


I'll keep sending messages to Santa. My daughter says she's going to write to him for me Smile

Thanks Squizzers, the Green Frog design houses look fab, so it's good to know that they work well too.

Can you fit automatic door opening on a Green Frog Squizz??
If they can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love.

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