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eggs change colour after moult
Hello peeps,

over the last couple of weeks my hertitage skyline has moulted and now she is back to her old self, but wait a moment her eggs have changed colour, from nice sky blue, to greeny beige, any ideas as to why this would happen.

cheers carl.
Mine changed from blue to white after she was a bit poorly.............Stayed white
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I have a Heritage Skyline too, this happened to her after her moult last year. You will probably find her legs are very yellow at the moment too. The colour of her eggs may fade back to blue and her legs will get paler as the laying season goes on.

My Marans (who hasn't laid for ages), usually lays dark brown eggs but one of the last ones she laid was a deep pinky plum colour. Very pretty!
Heritage Skylines can lay any colour from brown - blue - olive green and one bird may in fact lay all these colours from time to time. This is perfectly normal and will just always keep you guessing. With breeds that lay a true blue-turquoise coloured egg such as Cream Legbars, the egg colour usually fades with age. My own Cream Legbars are over 5 years old and are very, very light, almost blue/white sometimes. My Shetland fowl lay blue - olive green but I always search out the olive green eggs to eat for myself as they appear to have the darkest gold yolks with a very rich taste (or is this just my imagination ?).
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Nicely presented food always tastes better, well that's what John and Greg say so I don't think it's your imagination.
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