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Egg Production
Just wondering how everyone is doing on egg production at the mo. I have 3 out of 5 laying, the other 2 seam to of taken a summer break. All have been wormed and are happy and look healthy.
Mine were really slow over july and august,but seem to be picking up again now <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Mind you the chooks i tend to keep seem to be rubbish at laying eggs anyway lol!
my sablepoot has kept us in eggs while the bantam orp and welbar went on a go slow, 1 of our ex-bat hybreds has stopped laying the other is laying 4-5 a week. Although we had a fullhouse yesterday. <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />
My Marans went into her first moult when it turned cold in May and is only just starting to look less tatty, so no eggs for ages from her. The following are all 3 years old, so old ladies really:

Doris has had 2 bad bouts of Sour Crop so is not laying again yet. Lulu, who has laid almost every day for 3 years, has just slowed down to about one a week; ditto Mabel. Cissie lays most days and in fact is laying better than she ever has. My 2 newbies have laid an egg each every day since I got them.

So - from 7 hens I am getting 3 eggs most days, and sometimes more. Enough for 2 of us to have a pleasingly full egg rack!
Definitely dropping off. Quail are still laying well, and about 4 breeds have started again after a short holiday, but I think now they all deserve a rest after performing well since about February

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I have Charlotte the brahma moulting so not laying, Nigella (black orp bantam) not started up since broken of broodiness a couple of weeks ago, Cocoa the choc wyandotte bantam has never laid. Currently laying are the two recently acquired girls Annabel the maran and Blanche the white leghorn who are laying every day, and Emily the cream legbar who lays alternate days at the moment. So 2-3 eggs per day which is fine for just 2 of us and occasionally a few for friends.
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