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No Yolk
As you know my girls have been poorly. <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' /> I am now getting one egg a day from my new Bluebell - very small eggs at that.

Yesterday Yodina laid a soft shelled egg which I managed to rescue before it was broken and eaten!! I could see no yolk in it - and I was right.

Last week I found a 'lash' and OH said he saw one too - obviously it was eaten before I saw that one! Yuck! yuck! yuck!

Henrietta & Gladys have moulted - so no eggs there.

So 8 girls - one egg a day. <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':mellow:' /> What's going on?
I sometimes get a witches egg with no yolk, but it sounds as if your hen is just having a bit of a blip, it might sort itself out. My Warren laid an egg with no shell last week, but she went straight back to laying ordinary eggs.
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They have all been pretty poorly and it takes a fair bit of energy to lay an egg. There are more calories in the yolk part so I guess (and this is purely off the cuff!) it takes more energy to lay than the white?? I am sure they will get back to it in a bit. My bluebelle laid tiny teensy eggs at first and now she lays whoppers! Will be interesting to see if yours does the same.

Keep going with the TLC and your girls will get there again I am sure
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