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Should we eat it?
I am so shocked and upset that a fox got into the run. We had deer fencing. The fox killed one and hurt another. It couldn't carry it over the fence, so the dead chicken was just left. I thought it such a shame to just bury it so I dressed it. My friend said that she wouldn't eat it because of the bacteria.....surely that would be destroyed by cooking.Incidentally, we have never eaten one of our own as yet.

We have now ordered 80 metres of electric fence. Fingers crossed. First time in 15 years to have a fox attack.
I'm sorry you lost your birds I think we have probably all lost birds to foxes one way or another.

I would say don't eat the bird, I don't know what diseases they can carry and also don't know what that particular fox had so I would play safe and give it a miss. Is it worth the risk?
I really don't know, but I agree with Zoe, its probably not worth it. Better safe than sorry. I am sorry you had a visitation from the fox, never nice. <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />
It never worries me when I get a little lost, all I do is change where I'm going
I don't know either but I, too, am sorry that the fox got in. How's the injured bird doing?
If they can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love.
Okay, you're probably right. My husband was not keen anyway.

My injured hen (light sussex) is confined to a rabbit hutch at the moment, but she is locked in the coop with the others. She is eating, but quite traumatised still. I put antiseptic powder on her back. She's lost all her tail feathers (imagine the pain of that).She isn't bleeding at all, but she does have two wounds. I've just bought some violet spray which I'll put on later in the week.

Tomorrow we'll put up the electric fence, and then they can run free again.

Thanks for the advice.
If the wounds are from a bite, they are likely to be full of bacteria and will easily become infected. I would flush them thoroughly with sterile saline (any contact lens wearer probably has this to hand), or make up some salt water. If you have any antibiotics, start her on them. Some Rescue Remedy for the shock would be a good idea, too; 4 drops into her beak or in her water, repeat every few hours for 2 days. You can buy Rescue Remedy at Boots or any large paharmacy (it will be on the homeopathy bit near the vitamins etc). Good luck.
How is she doing - if she had made it through the first night then I would say the chances for her a pretty good?
[quote name='Zoe' date='21 July 2011 - 06:27 AM' timestamp='1311226073' post='238912']

How is she doing - if she had made it through the first night then I would say the chances for her a pretty good?


We are now day 4.

She looks as though she wants to get out of the rabbit hutch. She is eating. My plan is to now put her in her own run in view of the others.

I have a complication. Three weeks ago I bought a trio of light sussex. The cockerel is only 6 months but is definitely interested in my injured hen (he keeps looking in the hutch)

I don't know whether to have her in the run alone (she went everywhere with the one that was killed), or put my old black rock with her.

I won't put her with the rest (3 bantams,1 welsummer and the three new ones)until she is acting normally.

Her back looks dry, but I guess she won't get her feathers back until she moults.

I'm loathed to bathe it as it does not look infected. I bathed it initially and then put on antiseptic powder.

Comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
I would put her in full view of the others and try her with another female for company and also in the hope that if when she does go back in with the rest then two of them will stick together if any bullying is going to happen.

I would certainly try and keep her away from the boy until she has a good covering on her back
She was glad to be out.

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Bless her, she does look a bit shell shocked!!
If they can be taught to hate, they can be taught to love.
As it doesn't look infected yet i wpuld leave it well alone. That wound powder and the purple spray are brill. She would have been going downhill by now if she was going to so all looking good i'd say.

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