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Update from mending Water Butts
Following on from my post here I thought I would update you all.I must say the on offer Wicks water butt is very good value at £20 well £19 and a few pence really.

Guaranteed 10 yrs too and the stand is in one piece too,not like my last one which was a jigsaw of four connecting sections.

Well my old leaking water butt isn't really worth bodging a repair. I have decided I may give it another recycled life as a planter. It would make a really good strawberry planter if I drilled it full of holes,but I have a strawberry planter now. I could lay it on it's side cut a few holes and use it as a planter for herbs veg or flowers.


I'm open to any ideas you may have for it too.  Confusedmile:

CHUCKLERS RULE THE ROOST - Dave. Zen Seeker of The Board. rabbit run
Potato planter?

Patterdales..there is no doubt they are addictive,therein lies the danger.While living with lots,you will grow poorer and stranger. dog run K9
cut in half lengthwise and use as a drinker?

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