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Seed Dial
As I'm about to start planting tubs & pots etc and I know my eyes and fingers don't work as well as they did. I found this useful little bit of kit I must say this has been a great help, such a simple idea but it works really well if you set it to the size of seed you are planting.It also works well for getting excess seed back in the packet. Confusedmile: So that is leeks,lettuce,carrots,beetroot done so far more to be done yet.I know I'm planting really at the wrong time of year but I want to see what results I get.


There are some good gardening bargains to be had at this time of year too,as the stores try to clear their stock ready for other items. :thumbup:

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Looks a good idea.
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very handy,saves a lot of fiddling.

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