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Duck Amounts

I'm looking to get some ducks for eggs. i was thinking Campbell ducks as i have heard they are really good on amount of eggs they lay a year. But im having trouble finding some.

what other breeds are good for laying?
Aylesbury , but then im biased cause i have 8 and so far i have had eggs everyday now for 2 weeks and she is a young duck . Plus they lovely and cheeky things ,wont attempt to fly off either as they get to fat too quick.

edited to add : i just found my duck book with breeds of ducks , ok here goes .. only a guide mind

aylesbury, 35 - 150 eggs per year

pekin , average 150 per yr

rouen ,40 - 120 a year

rouen clair, average 180 per year

Cayuga , average 100 per year

Blue swedish ,average 100 per year

Silver appleyard , average 150-200 per year

saxony ,average 150 per year

indian runner , average 200 per year

hope this helps
My Runners and Khaki Campbells lay more than my Aylesburys, but my Abacot Ranger was the first one to lay this year! It's her first year though, so don't know how many she'll lay during the season. Runner eggs are gorgeous because they're bigger than the KC eggs and they're blue (KC's lay white eggs). I'm surprised you can't find any Campbells for sale, there's usually plenty around, have you looked on the internet for breeders near you? My Abacot Rangers came from a breeder just off the M25, they had a six hour journey to get here at two days old, but they're very beautiful! Good luck with finding what you want. <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
hi patrick i have indian runners and the 3 of them provide plenty of eggs can recommend them , hopefully will have some ducklings soon or fertile eggs if you need some let me know
I've got a trio of Saxonys that free-range and I love them; they are real characters. I've had five eggs since Valentine's Day, when the first one started.
I have a trio of Cayuga (2010 hatch) my girls started laying in January and I have had an egg from each of them pretty well every day since. They are beautiful to look at and hilarious characters.
Cayuga's beautiful birds their colours shimmer from green, to purple whatever light they are in, lay lovely green eggs, but dont be alarmed if you get a jet black one they sometimes start like that and then get lighter, I would'nt be without my Indian runners add a great talking point with visitors, and campbells, white or khaki are magnificent layers. A word of caution dont get Aylesbury drakes, they are heavy and dont do the females any good what so ever, lost a cayuga last yeat thru sex mad aylsburys bullying her.

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