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Shetland hens for rehome
I am sadly considering rehoming my 2 Shetland hens due to bullying issues. They are 2 years old and great layers of lovely green eggs.  Very friendly birds, great characters, happy to be out in all weathers and very easy to keep. However they have taken to relentlessly bullying one of my elderly bantams and despite trying to divide my run so they can live alongside each other, one is on a mission to get to her no matter what.


Therefore I would suggest they are best suited to living with other LF rather than bantams (although I know other members that successfully keep Shetlands and bantams together with no problems) and either in a large run or free ranging.  They would not be happy in a very small enclosure. Please contact me if you know anyone who might be interested.


Very sad and reluctant rehoming and I will only allow them to go to a very good home that can meet their needs.


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