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Who knows owt about selling ponies please?
For the horsey folk amongst us who know the ups and downs I've had with my horse, latest is he had a flare up of laminitis in February - yes, February, vet came out and says most likely Cushings. The basic test came back negative, but apparently it doesn't always pick it up - could do a more expensive test...   :wacko:  as the lami flare up and test came to a mighty £300, I've opted to just medicate and see how that helps. He's just turned 20, so thinking (though he has never worked hard in his life!) of semi-retiring him. 


We also got a pony for the kids last year, a little 11hh welsh mare. Its all going fine, just think my son is getting a bit big for her, and with all that's going on with my fella, the idea of having something we can both ride is looking like the way forward. Whilst I am perfectly happy to be a happy hacker, I also feel I am losing my confidence to do much other than amble, and I don't want to as I enjoy riding. 


Soooo, I find myself in a position I have never been in - possibly (unless her breeder buys her back) selling the pony. Not just yet, but I like to have a plan in mind and think really I need to try and do a bit with her over the next few months to give her the best chance of a good home. 


We don't have the trailer anymore, so transport not really an option, and I'm not too worried about being able to say she's been shown. I am able to borrow a lorry and trailer though to refresh her memory on loading nicely. Aiden has been riding her in and out the school on and off lead rein, and she has been very good. 


Please tell me / suggest anything you can to help me prepare her / that may make her more appealing. And in the meantime, I must stop window shopping! 


Thanks peeps

Sorry, I can't help at all but hopefully someone will be able to.  Good luck.

Are your children in pony club? Or do you know any local children that are in pony club? Rallies and local shows would be a great way of giving her experience and also getting her seen out and about locally. Safe ponies that will go off lead rein are highly sought after!

We didn't have transport when Mia joined pony club, but found other members were happy to give us a lift for a small diesel contribution.
I don't really have time to do PC with Aiden, too much other stuff going on Sad I don't think I know anyone in it either! 


I have sent her previous owner a message, and she's going to have a chat with her mum. I think they may have her back as they wanted to keep in touch and know where Bijou was etc, not just sell her on and forget about her. I think this would be the best outcome, but otherwise it's advertising and hoping to find a good home. She's a very pretty little pony, bit of a monkey at times but nothing really naughty or bad.


Fingers crossed they'll say they'll have her back!

I agree with Lass,  the best way to make sure your pony gets a good knowledgeable home is to sell her through the pony club.  Could you loan her to someone for the summer who will do lots with her.      Good ponies never really get advertised,  there is usually a waiting list for them!!     


There are loads of leading rein ponies out there,  but first ridden are much sought after if they are safe to canter,.     Can you take her to some little shows and get Aiden to do first ridden on her.   Do you have a local teacher that might give Aiden lessons with a view to getting the pony out and about a bit.   Its difficult when I dont know how much the pony can do etc.   Will it canter on both reins safely etc.     jump round a little course of jumps.    If it does all that with a child on top then you should be able to find a home.   What about your daughter,  could she do some leading rein shows on her too.    It all helps.........


If the previous owner will have her back then that sounds like a good option.     Is she registered?   if she is, perhaps you could do some in hand showing.     

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