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Egg eating chickens
How can I stop my chickens eating their eggs???? Over the last few weeks my chickens have started to eat their eggs before I can get to them and as they lay them all over the garden not in the coup I dont often get to them before they have. Any suggestions????????
up their calcium intake.. maybe eating them as they low on reserves .. just a thought ..
Sadly once chickens have sampled the delights of what they lay, they very quickly cotton on and don't stop what they've started! It's a vice and one that is incredibley difficult to break. People talk of mustard in blown eggs, tobasco (chillies by the way!) etc. none of it works!

My suggestion would be to confine your birds until lunch time in a smallish run attached to their coop. After lunch let them out and they should start laying in their nest boxes. If you can make the nest boxes dark by hanging up strips of sacking or old curtain, so they push through, the eggs won't be on show and you just might be able to salavage the situation. Unless you can stop your birds laying all over the place you haven't got a hope quite frankly!

Once they start egg eating the old stockman always said, you should cull the bird as it will teach the others to do the same!
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Thanks for reply's. Will try to confine her (think I know which one it is) but my Hens are more for pets than layers, the eggs are (or were) an added bonus. Dont know if the crows are getting there first and then the chickens find the broken eggs or if the chickens are doing it themselves. Only have three chickens and two ducks but the ducks are no problem, how can I suppy them with more calcium???
offer em some oyster shell grit
My chicks were eating their eggs too, I bought a couple of plastic eggs and put them in the run. They went crazy for them, it was like a rugby scrum, after a while they got fed up. they have not eaten another one yet, may be just luck or coincidence but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
As squizzer says egg eating fowl are your worse nightmare especially if you have just a few in the garden kept as pets makes it hard to cull an otherwise healthy bird. Roll away nestboxes are the only answer but getting them use them is the problem.
speaking of all this egg eatting.

My lavender araucana, doesnt eat eggs but Ive watched her

a few times and what she does is lay the egg, then turn around to inspect it

give it a peck then leave it and go down the ladder.

is this the begining of something? or is she just more interested in

quality than the rest of the hens?
My daughter was complaining for ages that her birds had stopped laying completely. For over a year only the one run equalled nil eggs. Then one day the cock suddenly died and guess what? Eggs nearly every day. She said there was never a sign of shell, yolk etc. but the cock was an egg eater whose gulity secret he took to chooky heaven!
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I have one hen still laying but the egg is soft shelled and so she squashes and it gets eaten. I think its because she is coming into moult, hope so anyway <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Sad' />
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My sablepoot has stopped laying, my welbar bantom never got started so probably won't now until spring, Maxine (the one of unknown origin), hasn't laid since Aug. when she went broody then promptly started the moult. So it's just mopatop the banty Araucana keeping us in eggs 15 so far this month so roughly every other day without a break since Aug '09, I keep expecting her to take a break she's amazing!! <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

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