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Is my Pepe exceptional?
My Pepe (Pekin) has brooded 2 lots which year and I hasten to add that despite what she thinks, she won't be rearing any more this year either.

On both occasions, she's started laying again in just under 6 weeks of her clutches hatching. Was just wondering if this is unusual or not. [Image: smile.gif]
Not unusual but most take longer, i got one broody still hasnt returned to laying and her chicks are 16 weeks now.
One of my broody pekin mums started laying again after 5 weeks and the rest of them started around 6-7 weeks
One of my Serama broodies gave up and laid an egg 2 weeks after hatching! Luckily, she had a co-broody who took over <img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
My light Sussex started laying 3 weeks to the day after her brood hatched.

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