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Hi there,

We have a lovely female runner duck hatched last year, who has always been a good layer in fine fit health. Recently we found her egg (we know it is her as she is the only one to lay blue eggs) which was covered in a watery sack, the egg was hole and normal inside. She presented fine, but today she us looking decidely dodgy, lethargic, not really eating but drinking loads and hasnt laid an egg since. Could anyone put some light on what could have happened and what might be wrong? She has no visable damage to her vent.


Sarah, the lack of shell around the egg is due to a calcium deficiency. Try putting some crushed oystershell out for her or put some limestone flour in with her pellets.

If she's looking unwell, it could be that she's tried laying a soft shelled egg again and it may have burst inside her. If it has, it needs to be flushed out quickly or peritonitis will set in and then it could be too late unless she receives antibiotics quickly. To flush the vent, use warm olive oil. Good luck and I hope she turns around soon.
Hi sorry, i dont think i made myself clear, the egg was laid with a shell and was perfect in every way, however it was encased in a bloody, watery sack.

[Image: unsure.gif] That's a new one on me Sarah. Never heard of this before.

How is your duck doing?
[quote name='Tania B' date='05 August 2010 - 11:52 AM' timestamp='1281009137' post='202942']

[Image: unsure.gif] That's a new one on me Sarah. Never heard of this before.

How is your duck doing?


Unfortunately, little daisy duck was dead this morning, we also noted late last night that she had developed bumble foot so had planned to take her asap to the vets today. very sad, but i think there must have been some sort of prolapse which detached with the egg and an internal infection set in, lowing immune system, hence onset of bumble foot.

So sorry Sarah. [Image: sad.gif]

I think you might be right about your diagnosis.

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