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Not many eggs!

I have ten girls all around 12 months old. I don't seem to be receiving may eggs.....around 4 per day. I have noticed lots of feathers around so presume they are moulting but do I take it that the eggs are not so forth coming at this time of year? I understand that if the chickens are too fat then this will stop them laying. If this is the case, how do I know/check whether they ARE too fat? I have Cochins, Orpingtons, Wyandottes and New Hampshire reds.
If lots of feathers - yes they could be going into a moult, though it is a little early. Pick your birds up and have a feel, if they feel chunky and soft then they are a bit on the plump size. You should be able to feel their keel bone slightly - the one at the front on the breast.

Best to feed your birds plain layers pellets with a very small handful of corn in the afternoon for them to scratch at before bedtime. Plenty of greens either as free range or put in their run for them. Back off on the treats and for the next couple of weeks the corn as well and see what happens.
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