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Master Gris Chicken Diary
[quote name='Maximoss' date='07 August 2010 - 08:21 PM' timestamp='1281208904' post='203213']

I know and that was the weight once he was ready for the table. He was absolutely huge and we dispatched him a week early too so I was really chuffed by that. I'm guessing the girls would have got a bit heavier too had we been able to leave them a bit longer, just wanted to rest the ground for a bit before the next batch head up there.

We portioned up the smaller birds, the legs and wings going for the bbq and then the breast for whatever really, last night I popped the breast meat into a Green Thai Curry, it was so tender, absolutely delicious, so a big thumbs up!!

Goldilocks, thanks so much for your comments. I know growing your own isn't for everyone for lots of different reasons but I just wanted to give others an insight into the process. It's definitely worth giving it a go next year if you can!


I know this thread is a year old but it has been brilliant for me many thanks. I am at week 8 of raising hubbards for meat and I have real issues with the shape and lack of mobility etc. So much so i have allowed them total free range of my half acre garden. I was looking to see what i could do and now i know and i wont have to do the second stage so i can gladly by pass it an look for mardi gris birds. I might need to invest in an incubator too.


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