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Hybrids by any other Name
I know there are a few other hybrid keepers on here as well as me, who have been equally baffled by the weird and wonderful names given to hybrids.

Following the recent thread about "Jasmin" which are also known as "Heritage Skyline", I would find it useful to have a thread on the different names for hybrids - some of them have half a dozen names for the same type - and maybe a quick note about them that might be useful to other/prospective keepers? I only suggest this because I cannot find this information anywhere.

What does anyone else think?
Ok, here goes -

Bovans Goldline / Lohmann Brown / Warren / ISA brown / Babcock 330 – Brown with white tail. The gold standard layer of brown eggs.

Bovans Amber and Silver / Amber and Silver Ranger - the silver is a creamy white bird, the amber has brown flecks. Good layers of brown eggs, quite small, very friendly and ideal for the first time poultry keeper.

Calder Ranger / Rhode Ranger / Gingernut Ranger (Omlet) / Redco / Columbian Blacktail / LS x RIR - Brown with black tail feathers. Free rangers.Very hardy and a good layer.

Black Rock / Rhode Rock / Bovans Nera / Miss Pepperpot (Omlet) – Black and gold. Very hardy birds, they are most suited to free range and organic systems.

Black Pearl / Daisybelle / Pied Suffolk – Black and white. Very hardy birds, they are most suited to free range and organic systems.

Maran Coucou / Speckledy – French Maran cross. A grey / white speckled hen for speckled to dark brown eggs.

Maran Cuivre / Maran Rouge / Starlight / Burford Brown / Copper Black / Suffolk Noir - French Maran crosses. They lay dark brown eggs

Sussex Ranger – White with black hackles and tail. She lays cream coloured eggs

Bluebelle / Blue Haze / French Grey – Another Maran cross. A lavender coloured bird who makes an unusual addition to a flock

Bovans White / Snow white / Snowbelle - A white leghorn hybrid. Despite her small size, she lays a huge amount (over 340) of large white eggs. A bit ‘flighty’, therefore best for keepers with a bit of experience.

Coral Reef - A silver white leghorn cross that lays pinky white coloured eggs.

Heritage Skyline / Jasmin / Columbine / Cotswold Legbar / Fenton Blue - She is a Cream Legbar hybrid and lays blue, green and pastel coloured eggs.

All hybrid hens will fit into one of the category’s above as there are only so many sex linked crosses that you can do;

Prefixes include – Bovans, Merrydale, Glencroft, Suffolk, Meadowsweet (and many others)

Suffixes include – Nova, Star, Link, Comet, Rocket, Ranger, Rock

And some that I’ve sold in the past are;

Partridge Brown (brown leghorn x)

Tri Comet (red mottled leghorn x)

Buttercup (wheaten maran x)

Sapphire (CL x WL) – pale blue / white egg layer

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