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Selling Eggs
Here's an article on selling your surplus eggs and the requirements [URL=""][/URL]
[quote name='urbansheepdog']Here's an article on selling your surplus eggs and the requirements [URL=""][/URL][/QUOTE]

Great link thank you!
[quote name='GeoffH']P.S. i am finding this thread very reassuring. I am planning to get 10 hens, after taking advice from the forum, and did wonder what i would do if I got snowed under with eggs that I could not sell. I was planning to sell at £1/ 1/2 dozen as that seems to be the going rate round here. I think 10 would be more interesting than just 5 There is only me, my wife and mother in law - we have an empty nest!

I hope I can sell the eggs as my wife persuaded me to buy a) a bigger hen house and b) a superior British made house than a cheap Chinese import. Hope for better luck than with the bees. So far they have eaten a lot of sugar but not produced much honey. But I have 4 well established colonies that were new last year. Fingers crossed for a good spring and summer.[/QUOTE]

Good luck with the bees Geoff, that sounds fun! Where I am in lincs, there are a few people with chooks and selling the eggs at their gate so I'm not sure how well mine would sell. I think I might need to do a bit of local marketing, perhaps a few free boxes to the neighbours as an introduction offer! Its been really easy for OH to sell them at work though. They go straight away and I think the eyecatching boxes have helped!!! I have a few people who want them anytime I can provide them so the poor girls already have a backlog of orders to fullfill and then Dot the Bluebelle put in a days leave today :lol: Of course I can see how this will go, I'll end up buying my eggs from the lady up the road and selling all mine to other people! Although not such a bad plan as they sell them for 75p! Lol No, more chooks is the answer! laugh

Anyone got any POL's for sale in Lincs in the near future?
Wow, they look fab, what a good idea! Smile
I have no idea about egg prices in the UK, but the boxes are great. For a marketing slogan, I would try pampered and loved. I hope urbansheepdog that you are kidding. I sell eggs and this past while I have been thinking of bagging and marketing the manure. Even came up with a slogan: "Pure Hungarian Yellow Chicken Poo. If we are considered endagered is our poo endagered too?" What do you all think?
What a great idea, I love it! £1.00 is a very good price... I wouldn't go any cheaper, especially with such great artwork!
Chickens - always looking for new ways to train their owners
I sell at £1-00/1/2 dozen in bog standard boxes.All my customers are happy with this price.

those pink boxes are great.I saw them on their site a while ago but out here in the Lincs fens they would be wasted as they would not be appreciated.
It souds like a lot us of sell eggs, I went on the money exchange web site and found out I sell my eggs at 1 pound 20 pence. My prices are reasonable and I have more potential clients than eggs
I sell ours for £1.20, they sell easily, we actually have a shortage at the moment.

Free range eggs are £1.38 in morrisons so I think this is fair.
The folks around me come back for more eggs and bring the empty carton with them which is handy! Some have given me £2.50 a dozen even though I only asked for £2.00. All goes in the 'Egg Jar'.

The other thing I started from the beginning of the year was an 'Egg Log' spreadsheet. Up to today (17th) my 10 girls have laid 150 eggs!! ...... and there's £22.00 in the egg jar already! Whooohooo! Smile

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