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Due to utterly crummy family circumstances that have meant I haven't been around for more than a year, I am downsizing and rationalising my entire flock and selling all my Barnebars.


I have one two year old hen, proven fertile but who has been over-trodden and needs to moult out. And three pullets, currently between ten and fourteen weeks old.


Ideally I would like them to go to a breeding home, but any home that appreciates how rare they are would be appreciated.


The hen is from a BB x BB. The pullets are from a BB cockerel over Barnevelder hen and are therefore outcrossed and would bring new blood to a flock. My original Barnebar cockerel (2008) and my Barnevelders (2006) were from the Wernelas Collection. I have outcrossed regularly and I feel that they are good examples of the breed. My Barnevelders are a good utility strain and the BB's don't seem to carry the same dark egg colour but they do lay very well and make a good killing weight.


I would like £10 for the two year old and £15 for the pullets. If anyone would like them all, £40.


Do you ave cockerels as well chez?


The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool

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