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Do You Have A Button Box
Had to find a button today for OH's trousers .... waist expanding !!!!!


Out came the button box and I spent a good couple of hours down memory lane.  Practically every button told me a story  ......... grandmother's wedding dress and mother's wedding dress.  My first grown up sheepskin jacket, I can even remember the button which came from my son's first pair of long trousers.  Just like a photo album looking at these buttons, people and places which only I could see.


Needless to say I came down to earth with a bump as I couldn't find a button of an appropriate colour.

They are only work trousers but they now have a gold coloured button which I think came from a blazer which belonged to my father. laugh


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Yes, it originally came from my great aunt,  but there is not much in it now.    A lot of clothes now seem to have different buttons on which is rather nice I think....    

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not now but My mum had one and she also had my nans ...



The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool
wouldn't be without my button tin,

it occupied the kids when they were little and got bored, (they would sort it for me into colours),

then as they got older it helped to teach them division and ratios.  

It has provided eyes for homemade teddies

and on the very rare occasion I wanted to make things that button up well it usually supplied the necessary.  

Now-days it sits at the bottom of my sewing box almost forgotten.

I rarely cut off old buttons and keep them any more, but maybe I ought to a bit more often so that when I am a granny I can pass it on.

I don't now but both my Grannys had one as did my mum.  Always a stray needle waiting to ambush a rumaging granddaughter!
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I do but don't look at it very often as I hate sewing!

I spent many happy hours playing with my nans button tin.Nan is long since passed away now but i still miss her.

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I have my mother's button tin, which I think came from my Grandmother - I have to confess I rarely use :blushing:

I don't have one, but spent many hours as a child playing in my Mum's button tin  Confusedmile: I do however have a sewing tin, although my Husband uses it more than me, he's much better at sewing  Wink

My daughter has my mother's one. This morning we sorted through it to find just the right buttons for a cardigan I had just knitted Her daughter. Little glass ones which date back to the thirties. Four generations to supply two buttons, but we had so much fun sorting through it and remembering her. Button boxes are so much more than a box of buttons when they link generations.
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