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Blood covered egg ?
Is it possible an egg has broken inside her? Is that why she has a runny vent? See what she's like in the morning.
[quote name='SilkieSue']Is it possible an egg has broken inside her? Is that why she has a runny vent? See what she's like in the morning.[/QUOTE]

Hi sue yep i was wondering if it might be a broken egg but not sure how to tell ? If i gave her some cod liver oil do you think it would help pass whatever it might be ?

She is very quiet this morning just sitting down on the floor of the cage but alert on whats going on around her. If i take her to my vet he will just put her down as he don't know anything much about poultry.
Ok i managed to get her to eat a little teaspoon of chopped up boiled egg soaked heavily in cod liver oil hopefully if there is something stuck inside like a broken egg the cod liver oil might help her pass it ? Not sure what else to do ? She is standing up now which is something.
If you suspect a broken egg, then you're going to have to vaseline your finger and feel very gently inside. The broken egg shell needs to be removed carefully as she may be damaged inside and it could be infected. A course of antibiotics might be necessary in which case you will need your vet. It could be worth phoning a poultry vet for advice. Good luck,

Thanks sue i managed to find a new better vet which has taken some time. The vet managed to find a blockage today it looks like a broken egg inside her ? The vet managed to clear out some of broken bits but there still seems to be a hard mass inside her vent to which she is trying to pass. I have squirted a load of liquid paraffin up her vent with a syringe to try & help soften the hard lump.

Is there anything i can do to try & help soften the bits inside her vent as i cannot pull it out with my finger & it's to large for her to pass. Any ideas on what i can try would be greatly appreciated. I will try anything i can at this point !! Thanks everyone for your help so far !!
Hi everyone well i have now been to three different vets & the last one was really great knowledge of chickens !! He done an X-ray & there was clearly no egg found inside her. So it seems the inside of the vent is just infected & heavily swollen. The runny whitish liquid was urine & not egg. I really need to rub some antiseptic cream inside the vent to help it to heal but the vet had run out of antiseptic cream. So he has given me some antibiotics tablets instead to tryout over the weekend. So will have to see how things go from now. If it heals up but looses it's elasticity she may not be able to lay an egg again in the future. He said he only knows two ways to stop a hen laying for good & that is a hormone injection course at £200 or an operation at over £300 So i'm hoping her vent will heal up & return to normal otherwise i may have to put her to sleep at those prices Sad

Just wanted to say thank you for all your replies & help you have given me.
I wish you the best of luck with her - fingers crossed she returns to normal

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