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How to Sew
How times have changed




De-stress with Poultry - and have the patience of a Broody


That is hilarious!!  :hysterical


Thank god for progress


Todays sewing endeavour as it happened:

put dinner on- get sewing machine out from under stairs 

put cold compress on forehead where it got banged on under-stairs-cupboard shelf.

Put potatoes in oven, set up sewing machine on dining table,

find torn trousers of sons from under his bed and inspect grazed shoulder from having to reach so far under the b***y bed

inspect tear in trousers remember lunch and baste potatoes pop broccoli in saucepan

go in search of sewing box for correct colour thread and discover the closest colour match is hopeless but use it anyway

thread sewing machine go back to kitchen to put on the gravy and take the meat out to rest

sew a slightly ( ok very) crooked repair in crotch of sons trousers, decide that a pink zig-zag line up the bum of his beige combats won't actually be appreciated -  

bin the trousers clear away sewing machine and lay table for dinner

serve the nearly cold chicken, raw broccoli and burnt potatoes with almost solid gravy to son who wants to know when the trousers he pulled out of the bin can be washed, 'cos he wants to wear them tonight!  Confusedcared:

Love the OP - as you say, times have changed! laugh


Golidlocks - sounds a bit like my house!  Confusedcared:  :hysterical

You've only got one life - live it!
laugh &  laugh Goldilocks moral is don't stitch up your dinner or make a meal of your sewing.
CHUCKLERS RULE THE ROOST - Dave. Zen Seeker of The Board. rabbit run
guess the hole in the pocket of my jeans is out the question then Goldilocks ... :hysterical 


I once had a similar problem with an old pair of jeans years ago.  My then girlfriend said "I'll sew a new pocket in them for you... I like doing that sort of thing" so I duly took them over (wearing another pair I hasten to add) and she manufactured a new pocket .


It look a real professional job till I tried to put my hand in ... she'd sewn the the pocket in alright tight shut :hysterical



The view is much better from the naughty step ... Cool

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